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The best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island Crete and to a small extent of continental Greece. You will find useful information related to visiting Crete that goes beyond the offer of optional tours. On the website you will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited by visiting this largest Greek island. The content complements the current news, photographs and recipes of Greek cuisine.

Greek and Cretan cuisine

Coming back from a holiday in Crete, we bring with us a tan, many pictures and a bag of beautiful memories connected with visiting this charming corner of Greece. However, holidays in Crete are not only breathtaking landscapes, sun or monuments, but also a feast for the palate. Greeks know how to appreciate the multitude of fresh vegetables and fruits, which is why even the simplest dish tastes great there. Greek cuisine shows that very little food would have to be made from simple ingredients. It is also worth remembering that in many scientific studies the local diet has been recognized as one of the healthiest and most sustainable in the world. Greek cuisine can make eating vegetables a pleasure. One thing is for sure, our taste buds were probably born in Crete, because the local cuisine won over our hearts or stomachs.


The most famous salad, which probably everyone associates with Greece, is Horiatiki salata known as 'Greek'. In our opinion, however, it is worth getting to know other delicious salads that are made in Greece, because the combination of ingredients and flavors may turn out to be surprisingly good.

Cauliflower Salat
Horiatiki salata - Greek salad
Broad bean salad
Patatosalata - a Greek potato salad
Bean salad black eyelet

Desserts and sweets

Among the Greek sweets we will not find dietary suggestions.) According to Greeks, sweets bring happiness so desserts and sugar pastries are in abundance. Greek pastries often also make delicious desserts based on filo pastry.

Mastic cookies
Lemon halvas with coconut
Halvas, orange-almond
Sweet cherries in syrup
Vasilopita - Greek New Year's cake
Sweet pita with pumpkin
Cherries in syrup
Karydopita - nut cake
Keik portokali, a simple orange cake
Melomakarona - Christmas cookies with a spicy note
Rizogalo (Ρυζόγαλο)
Baklava (Μπακλαβάς)
Baklava (Μπακλαβάς)
Greek butter cookies koulourakia


Greece is the real kingdom of meze, or small dishes and snacks served at the beginning of the main meal, and often instead of it.The Greeks often start their meal with snacks and on them The Greek specialty is a long delectation of various mezes accompanied by a glass of ouzo. This is a frequent picture in Greek taverns.

Young bean paste
Saganaki cheese
Olive paste
Paste of dried beans
Dolmades - stuffed grape leaves
Asparagus with feta cheese
Kalitsounia with cheese and honey
Tirokafteri - a spicy dip from feta
Zucchini in coating - Kolokithakia tiganita
Feta baked with filo
Melitzanosalata - eggplant paste
Cheese balls - Tirokroketes
Fava - husked pea paste
Grilled halloumi cheese (Χαλούμι)
Grilled peppers with feta cheese
Pancakes stuffed with spinach and feta cheese
FETA FURNACE (Φέτα ψητή)

Main dishes with meat

Greeks enrich their taste in two ways: the first is a variety of spices and herbs, the second is the addition of wine, which often arises as an important ingredient in these dishes, this array of flavors and aromas complements the vegetable richness that is an indispensable addition to these dishes.

Keftedes in tomato sauce
Greek keftedes chops
Papoutsakia - Greek stuffed aubergines
Giouvetsi with chicken - Giouvetsi Kotopoulo

Main dishes - vegetarian

Greek islands are a vegetarian paradise, because vegetables are available throughout the year, while the Greeks have mastered the art of making them. Forget about boring and bland vegetables, because the mild climate and large sun exposure extract the best taste and aroma that is unmatched. Obligatory olive oil and a frequent addition of feta make the vegetarian Greek dishes taste great.

Classic Briam
Mavromatika beans (black eye) with spinach
Briam of Paleochora
Beans in tomatoes
Eggplants from Xinochondros
Arakas laderos - Greek recipe for peas
Okra baked in olive oil
Eggplant with feta cheese
Kolokithokeftedes - zucchini pancakes
Okra in tomatoes
Pumpkin baked in filo pastry - Kolokithopita me kitrini kolokitha
Zucchini stuffed with feta cheese and walnuts
Pitta with fennel
The richer version of briam
Omelette with asparagus and feta cheese
Prasopita - a leek casserole
Tomatokeftedes - tomato pancakes
Fasolakia - green beans in tomatoes
Baked potatoes with oregano and lemon
Imam Bayildi, an auburn eggplant imam
Kolokithokeftedes - cutlets of zucchini and potatoes
Greek tomato pilaf
Greek pizza with feta cheese
Gigantes Plaki
Stuffed peppers and tomatoes
SPANAKOPITA (Σπανακόπιτα)
KOLOKITHOPITA (Κολοκυθοπιτα)

Fish and seafood

Fresh fish and seafood on the Greek islands are always available and commonly eaten. The richness of the Mediterranean makes it possible to taste There are many different species of fish prepared in different ways, while the squid or octopus are among the most consumed seafood and are included in the standards of home cooking.

Garides saganaki
Dorada from the oven with lemon and rosemary
Cod fried in batter
Fried fish with lemon
Squid fried in deep oil
Baked fish from the island of Spetse
Fish in batter

Sauces and soups

Anyone who has been to Greece at least once knows the most popular Greek sauce - tzatziki, which is a frequent guest on Greek tables and a great addition Nutritious soups are usually served in winter and are rather an independent main course.

Tomato with xinochondros
Fakes - lentil soup
Fasolada - perfect soup for the winter
Spaghetti with tomato sauce and mastic
A simple tomato sauce Σάλτσα ντομάτας

Breads and bread

Bread in Greece is an important ingredient of meals and appears on the occasion of most of them. feta or olives, or breads baked for special occasions.

Bread with olives
Bread with feta cheese
Lagana bread

Drinks and alcoholic drinks

Every island and region of Greece is famous for its local alcoholic products. In Crete, most often we meet ouzo, cycludia, or raki, retisna or homemade rakomelo. Cretan crayfish also produce for themselves, just like wine.In Greece, you must try Greek coffee (elliniká kafe and frappe), as well as freshly squeezed juice from fine oranges.

Tsikoudia - raki in Crete
Tincture from the Cretan purée
Frappe - sweet with milk (glykó me gála)

Articles on Greek and Cretan cuisine

Articles on Greek and Cretan cuisine

Surprising research on vegetable food in Greece
Eliama Gold - Cretan gold
Olive Eliam
Mediterranean diet threatened by globalization and urbanization
The effect of the antioxidants on the content of antioxidants
Polyphenol oils
About Cretan honey and its quality
What is not the Mediterranean diet?
Stamnagathi, or another healing plant from Crete
Atrapos - dried plums and Amfissa olives dried in the oven
Mediterranean diet - a good life after 70 years
Olives in salt from Paleochory
New promising research on health properties <br/> olive oil
Dictamus tea
Tomatoes in the Mediterranean diet
Malotira, mountain tea
List of popular ingredients of the Mediterranean diet
Mastic (masticha)
Karob - the forgotten treasure of Crete
Cretan cleanse, or the power of Labdanum
Glyka tou koutaliou - spoon-tasting
Olive oil uneven, or classification of oil types
Cretan vintage
Mediterranean nitro diet
Greek oil versus the rest of the world
Limitations in the harvest of herbs in Crete
Fresh herbs in Greek cuisine
The history and advantages of Frappe
Dried herbs from Crete
Bioolea - neratzio and lemonio oils
Feta, or how to bite this cheese
Feta (Φέτα)
Recipes of Greek cuisine

Index of all pages

Below you will find a list of places in which we have been and which have already been described by us. Of course, this list does not fully reflect what we have seen in Crete, so there will certainly be more articles on our site.



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gość PiotrWie: Jest też mitato w przebiegu górskiej wersji E4 - pomiędzy przełęczą Seli i Katsiveli, jest to jedyne miejsce ze stałym źródłem wody w Górach Białych, spaliśmy tam w 2018 idąc z Askifou przez Katsiveli na Pachnes i dalej do Anopoli.

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