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The best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island Crete and to a small extent of continental Greece. You will find useful information related to visiting Crete that goes beyond the offer of optional tours. On the website you will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited by visiting this largest Greek island. The content complements the current news, photographs and recipes of Greek cuisine.

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Crete - the latest news

The amazing Kourtaliotiko gorge

A gorge that makes a stunning impression? This is Kourtaliotiko , of course! It is located only 22 km from Rethymno and is crossed by an asphalt road leading to Preveli. It is one of those places that you remember for a long time. Huge majestic rocky slopes rising to a height of 600 meters impress everyone. In addition, all this is intensified by the wind, which can show its strength here. If you are lucky and find a windy day in Kourtaliotiko, you will surely feel what the power of nature means. It is even more impressive at dusk or at night, when driving through the gorge causes a thrill. We recommend stopping in the parking lot there and then turning off the lights.

However, the asphalt road is not everything. During the day, leaving your car in the parking lot, you can go down to the bottom of the ravine. As long as there is enough water in the river flowing on its bottom, spectacular waterfalls await here. Anyway, see for yourself how this gorge looks in the film by Nikos Sarantos.

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Lassithi Prefecture promotional video

Today we strongly encourage you to watch the promotional video of Lassithi Prefecture. This is the least popular tourist region of Crete, but it has plenty to offer. And paradoxically, its great value is precisely this slight "contamination" with tourist infrastructure. The further east you go, the more real villages, the more human kindness, curiosity and a really sincere smile. Many people who get to know the extreme eastern regions say that it is here that they found the "real" Crete.
One of the most recognizable points of this prefecture is the Lassithi plateau with the Dikti cave. Of course, these are not only places worth recommending, but the plateau basically marks the beginning of this region. In the video you will see many shots of the plateau, both winter and summer. In the video you will also find a lot of Greek flavors, fun and energy of this region. You must see it!

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Cleaning the island of Dia

Recently, we wrote to you about an interesting pro-ecological initiative to be launched in Platanias. Today, remaining on this subject, we would like to describe to you another project, which this time for a change was carried out in the area of the capital of Crete, i.e. in Heraklion. On Sunday, May 22, an action was organized to clean up the small uninhabited island of Dia, located north of Heraklion. This initiative was carried out with the participation of the local Harbor Master's Office, as well as the President of the Coastal Guard of Eastern Crete and various types of local entrepreneurs.

Dia Island

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More ecological Platanias

An interesting novelty implemented this year in Platanias is the process of reusing organic waste produced by hotels. This type of garbage is to be recycled by processing it in composters. Organic waste will be collected from the hotels by special vehicles. Although the implemented program will not directly affect tourists, it will help to reduce the overall amount of mixed rubbish going to local landfills. These activities are also intended to raise local environmental awareness. We will see how it works in practice. If the announcements are actually covered, we believe that the program will also be appreciated by tourists.


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This year's season is a harbinger of good and bad prospects

The upcoming high tourist season seems to be getting closer to achieving a result comparable to the record achieved in 2019 in terms of the number of tourists visiting Crete. It is worth recalling that throughout the entire year, as many as 4.4 million international passengers were registered at the airports in Crete. Of this, nearly 3/4 of the tourist traffic fell to the Heraklion airport, while the rest of the traffic was generated by the airport in Chania. Of course, time will tell if the number of people vacationing in Crete this year will actually approach this record result. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that such good announcements do not fully match the mood of the local tourism industry.

Chania in 2019

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A wild region of the Asterousia mountains

Today we are taking you to a little-known region of the Asterousia Mountains, specifically to the Aba Gorge (Αμπά). It is a completely wild and inaccessible area. This gorge is intended only for experienced climbers who are not afraid of steep rocks and cliffs and overcome 21 descents. The longest of them is 45 meters high.
It is also here that the impressive Ambas waterfall is located on a rocky fault. From a distance it looks as if the water was literally flowing out of the rocks and then plunging 245 meters down. It is this inaccessible area of Crete that wild animals like. The steep cliffs are home to the island's largest population of raptors.

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81st anniversary of the Battle of Crete

May 20, 1941 is one of the most important dates in the modern history of Crete. On that day, 81 years ago, the German army launched Operation Mercury, the aim of which was to take over Crete by German airborne troops. From the very beginning, the civilian population, who heroically supported the Allied forces, took an active part in the defense activities. Unfortunately, after eleven days of heavy fighting, the entire island was under the control of German troops, and the Cretans suffered monstrous repression in retaliation. As one historian said: " The Battle of Crete has played and continues to play a special role in history, mainly due to the resistance of the island's inhabitants ." In Crete you will find many places that are reminiscent of the events of those days.

And today in Chania on the occasion of the anniversary, copies of the military uniforms of all military units that took part in the battle were presented for the first time: the Greek army, groups of Cretan civilians and allied forces.

German jumpers over Crete on May 20, 1941 (photo source German jumpers over Crete on May 20, 1941 (photo source

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Heraklion city electric bikes

Various types of projects are implemented in many Polish cities, which give residents and tourists the possibility of relatively cheap and easy rental of bicycles. It is worth mentioning, for example, Veturilo, i.e. the Warsaw Public Bike. For some initiatives of this type, electric bike rental is also available. Such initiatives are also carried out in Crete. In recent days, the municipal authorities of Heraklion have decided to start work to extend their free city bike program to one that is equipped with electric assistance.

Heraklion city bikes

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Bylam tam i bardzo mi się podobało....górskie klimaty , jaskinia Zeusa i skansen
See the caves while you’re there
gość PiotrWie: Zgodnie z sugestia - krótkie wrażenia po powrocie. Kimolos jest wyspą rzeczywiście małą, o powierzchni 37 km2, 9 dla porównania Gawdos -29 km2 ), ale jest na niej sporo szlaków pieszych. (...)
Większość hoteli jest full
gość PiotrWie: Tez od co najmiej 5 lat nie spotkałem się z koniecznością dopłaty za klimę. Może w związku ze znacznymi podwyżkami cen energii gdzieniegdzie to wróci, ale w maju na Kimolos i Milos nie było dopłaty.
gość dodekanezowiec: Bywało tak, wprawdzie kilkanaście lat temu ale jednak. Pod koniec sierpnia na Krecie mieliśmy jednak hotelik przy plaży i akurat aktywny był meltemi. Klima niepotrzebna. 
Jedziemy do Analipsis już za chwilę
Troszkę mi to przypomina żalenie się polskich górali.
gość PiotrWie: Drogę do Tris Eklissies wyasfaltowali w zimie 2016/2017, przedtem to była szutrowa dziurawa droga - przynajmniej jak byliśmy pierwszy raz w tej okolicy w 2015 r. Teraz nawet są oferty na a w 2017 jak spaliśmy tam trzy noce to przyjął nas gospodarz w apartamentach w trakcie budowy - jeden był wykończony a reszta w różnych stadiach budowy. (...)
Interesuje mnie oferty na wrzesień czy macie jakieś
gość PiotrWie: Zgubić się w wąwozie Kourtaliko to sztuka. Trzeba przekroczyć wybetonowane obrzeże ścieżki i pójść poza wyznaczona trasą  Ale ludzie mają różne dziwne pomysły - wczoraj widzieliśmy dwie osoby uparcie próbujące zejść ze stromego klifu ścieżką zamkniętą płotem i wyraźnie oznakowaną zakaz wstępu, niebezpieczeństwo wypadku.
Love seeing them in flight, supreem fliers!
Bliskie spotkania :)
Byłam w ostatni wtorek i zastanawiałam się, co to za piękne, drapieżne ptaki latają nad Lassithi! Możliwe, że właśnie wtedy zostały wypuszczone?
gość PiotrWie: Dziś byliśmy na plaży Sarakiniko. Tragedii nie było - tylko dwa autobusy i 23 samochody osobowe. Ponieważ teren jest dość rozległy to się rozeszli i nie przeszkadzało. Ale nie wyobrażam sobie co tu się dzieje w lipcu i sierpniu.
Och nie miałam wielką nadzieję że do tego nie dojdzie.
Super jak ja byłam to był szlak zamkniety
Super miejsce. Kto wybiera się na Kretę, to powinien mieć w planach ten wąwóz. Polecam
jeszcze tylko 2.5 miesiąca :)
Podobne plany w Komiža na Wyspie Vis w Chorwacji. Żal.
Koszmar. Plakias to takie piękne miejsce, a klif niesamowity.
W 2020 było cudownie, pusto, czysto i cicho. Zalety pandemi....

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