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The best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island Crete and to a small extent of continental Greece. You will find useful information related to visiting Crete that goes beyond the offer of optional tours. On the website you will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited by visiting this largest Greek island. The content complements the current news, photographs and recipes of Greek cuisine.

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Crete - the latest news

The colorful cave of Sfendoni

The Sfendoni Cave is located 1 kilometer from the village of Zoniana in the central part of Crete. This is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Greece. Its area is approximately 3,000 m 2 , but only a 270-meter-long corridor has been made available to tourists. Individual parts of this route are highlighted in different colors, which you will surely remember. Anyway, see for yourself how it looks in our short film.

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Remote work in Greece - the future of digital workers?

This year's difficult tourist season forces not only countries but also companies to use unconventional solutions to help fight the economic effects of the pandemic. One of the new trends that are gaining more and more popularity is encouraging people who perform remote work to settle in a given country or region. The proverbial carrot that attracts this type of workers is not only to be a much milder climate in southern Europe, but also various economic incentives. Press releases and leaks at the government level indicate that Greece will also join the group of countries constituting the base for remote workers.

Remote work in Greece - the future of digital workers?

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Wild Cretan goat, or Kri-kri

From time to time on our website, in questions and comments like a boomerang, the topic of goats kri-kri (Greek κρι-κρι) returns. However, we have noticed that most people confuse the common common goats, which are abundant in Crete, with the actual kri-kri goat. Meanwhile, the look of this goat is so characteristic that knowing its appearance, you cannot confuse it with ordinary breeding goats. Kri-kri is the symbol of the island, and its image is eagerly used in official publications, decorations as well as in the usual stall souvenirs. It is a bit paradoxical because relatively few tourists spending their holidays in Crete had the opportunity to see the "real" kri-kri with their own eyes, as well as a large part of the inhabitants of this island.

Goat Kri-Kri

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First snow on Psiloritis

The new wave of bad weather that has recently hit Crete has also brought the first snow with it. Of course, you can only feel the frosty breath of winter high in the mountains. Snowfall occurred above the altitude of 1,400 m asl Psiloritis (2,456 m asl), the highest mountain on the island, also turned white. On the other hand, in the lower regions of Crete, it "only" was raining and blowing.

First snow in Crete Photo:

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Filo Pastry Master from Rethymno

Filo pastry in Greek cuisine is used in the preparation of various types of baked goods, both sweet, such as baklava or salty, such as spanakopita. 86-year-old Giorgos Hatziparaskos is one of the few masters of phyllo dough in Greece who has his studio in Rethymno . She has been making her dough by hand in the same way for decades. In the video you will see how the master patiently creates a classic filo and hard-to-confuse dough used for baking Kadaifi. It is such characteristic thin "hair".

We had the opportunity to meet Giorgos and his wife when many years ago, quite by accident, while wandering through Rethymno, we came across his workshop . We watched live as the master first makes a characteristic balloon of dough and then patiently stretches the filo to the size of the table. The baklava that we were treated to there was probably the best we had in Crete. If you will be in Rethymno in the future, it is worth finding his workshop to see for yourself what art is to make such a cake. And now we invite you to watch the above movie.

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Sougia-Paleochora Trail

The Paleochora region is a great place for people who prefer an active way of spending time. The town is located on the famous E4 hiking trail that runs along the entire island of Crete. Thanks to this, from Paleochora you can easily organize trips along this route both to the east and to the west. In today's video you will see the eastern part of this route between Sougia and Paleochora . The first stage of the journey is the morning ferry cruise to Sougia, where after disembarking, you can start hiking towards Paleochora.

Gosia i Piotrek,  data_2020-11-17 19:57:19 2020-11-17 19:57:19
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Video from the ceremony in Moni Arkadi

Recently, we reminded you of the next anniversary of the battle that took place in the area of the Arkadi monastery in Crete. These significant tragic events occupy a special place in the memory of the Cretans to this day. Today we would like to share with you a short video of Alex, one of the YouTube users, who recorded the celebration of this anniversary. The anniversary of the events of 1866 was commemorated by a concert of local musicians from Rethymno, including artists such as: Michalis Pavlakis, Dimitris Papadomanolakis and Vasilis Papadakis . To the sounds of their music, there was also a show of traditional dances prepared by the dance group "Omilos Vrakoforon" Όμιλος Βρακοφόρων Κρήτης.

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Is Friday the 13th unlucky in Greece?

Today, that is Friday the 13th, in Poland and a dozen other countries is considered extremely unlucky. The fear of this day even has a name: paraskevidekatriaphobia , which comes from the Greek language. After decomposing this word into its prime factors, it turns out that it is a conglomerate of three words: paraskeví in Greek means friday, dekatreís simply thirteen, and phob í a is phobia, or fear. Despite the Greek origin of the word, it is worth knowing that, paradoxically, in Greece, Friday the 13th is not considered a particularly bad day, and it is Tuesday the 13th ( τρίτη και dekatris ), which translates to "Tuesday and the 13th". This is a special way to highlight this distinctive day.

Unlucky black cat It's better to watch out for black cats too ;-)

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