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The best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island Crete and to a small extent of continental Greece. You will find useful information related to visiting Crete that goes beyond the offer of optional tours. On the website you will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited by visiting this largest Greek island. The content complements the current news, photographs and recipes of Greek cuisine.

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Crete - the latest news

Lemon halvas

From now on, we are again eating a delicious lemon halvas with a touch of coconut shavings. Its slightly refreshing taste and sugar explosion is the perfect addition to your morning coffee. If someone has not had the opportunity to eat this dessert yet, we highly recommend it. Contrary to appearances, it is not demanding to perform. The basic base consists of four basic ingredients: semolina, olive oil, water and sugar. Only various additives, such as lemon peel or orange juice, spices, determine the final taste. The recipe for the lemon version can be found on our website.

Lemon halvas

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Virtual tour of the former Heraklion

Heraklion is currently the largest city of Crete and at the same time the administrative capital of the island. The Venetians contributed most to its development, as they literally bought it for a thousand pieces of silver. It was they who gave the city the name of Candia, under which the then Heraklion functioned for many centuries. The Venetians also decided about the architectural character of the city, built huge city walls and an impressive port fortress.

Imagining exactly what the city looked like back then is of course a difficult task. However, an interesting project prepared by the Department of Tourism of the Heraklion commune may help in this. It is a digital visualization that allows you to move virtually to 1640 and "visit" the then Candia. You will certainly recognize many places in this film, as some of them have survived to our times. It will be not only the fortress of Koules, then called Rocca a mare, but also huge city walls, port arsenals, a Venetian loggia, the characteristic church of Agios Titos and the Basilica of Saint Mark. You will certainly associate the famous Morosini fountain, which is today one of the most characteristic points of Herkalion. Unfortunately, the statue of Poseidon, which was its culmination at the time, has not survived to this day.

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The most beautiful beaches of Western Crete

The most spectacular beaches of this island are located on the west coast of Crete. Two of them, Balos and Elafonissi, are regularly ranked among the best beaches in the world and Europe. We add to these two places the tiny Aspri Limni, located between these places. They are fabulous, memorable, postcard. You will find them in our short video today. Of course, someone will ask: where is Falasarna, or Kedrodasos. Well ... they will be but another time :)

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Rapid temperature fluctuations in Crete

In recent days, very high temperatures have been recorded in many regions of Crete and Greece. The breeze of summer was felt in Heraklion where over 28'C was recorded. The mercury column also reached a similar level near Chania. However, it is worth bearing in mind that such high temperatures are recorded only during the day in the lower parts of the island. Anyway, thanks to the data collected by the portal, it is clearly visible that now, even in the midday hours, the air temperature may fluctuate rapidly.

Umbrella in Crete

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Unofficial information about the lifting of the compulsory quarantine

It seems that Greece is slowly starting to lift the restrictions that were imposed on everyone coming to its territory. For many months, everyone who entered Greece, regardless of the results of the mandatory PCR test, had to undergo a 7-day quarantine.

According to yet unconfirmed reports published on one of the websites, from next Monday, citizens of the European Union member states, the United States, Great Britain, Serbia and the United Arab Emirates will be able to enter Greece without having to undergo this mandatory 7-day quarantine. However, the condition to bypass these restrictions is to have a vaccination certificate or a negative PCR test result 72 hours before the trip. It is worth recalling that a little earlier this quarantine was lifted for vaccinated Israeli citizens.

Loosening entry restrictions

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Halloumi cheese finally under protection union

Certainly many people know and love halloumi cheese. It is a great addition to garlic bread, vegetable dishes and salads. Its taste and specific texture make it a perfect cheese for grilling and frying in a pan. Despite the high temperature, it blushes and roasts beautifully, but does not melt yet. Although it is a cheese of Cypriot origin, it is also known in Greece, where some people had the opportunity to try it for the first time.

Halloumi cheese

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Aposelemis gorge

The Aposelemis gorge near the village of Agriana is still a relatively unknown and popular place among tourists. It is a pity because it is a very graceful place for hiking. The route along the flowing river is relatively easy to follow, and thanks to the commitment of the Hersonissos commune, it has been cleaned up in recent years. An additional advantage is that both at the end and at the beginning of the trail, recreational areas have been marked out, allowing for relaxation. Anyway, we encourage you to watch the following video prepared by Giannis Psaroudakis, in which he recorded his walk in this place.

Of course, the Aposelemis River flowing through this gorge is now full of water now. In summer, the bottom of the ravine is usually dry. However, even in the hottest months, this place remains invariably green, creating a kind of closed ecosystem that provides a refuge for many species of birds.

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Another surprise from the monks of Gouvernetou

Just a few months ago, we wrote about a very controversial ban introduced by the monks living in the Gouvernetou Monastery on the Akrotiri Peninsula. In October last year, they announced that they forbid tourists from swimming at the beach Αυλάκι του Αγίου. This option was used by hikers who, tired of walking through the surrounding gorge, reached the beach. There is also an abandoned Moni Katholiko monastery in this area, which is looked after by clergymen. The gorge trail here meets the path from the Gouvernetou monastery.

Gouvernetou Monastery

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