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The best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island Crete and to a small extent of continental Greece. You will find useful information related to visiting Crete that goes beyond the offer of optional tours. On the website you will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited by visiting this largest Greek island. The content complements the current news, photographs and recipes of Greek cuisine.


Trip to the Imbros gorge

We have recently posted a description of the Imbros gorge on the site and today we would like to present you a short video of our trip to this place. This gorge is sometimes called Samaria in miniature and its narrowest place is only 1.6 meters wide. In our opinion, its advantage is that it is not so crowded.

A cruise between Chora Sfakion and Agia Roumeli

The film was made during the cruise between Chora Sfakion and Agia Roumeli. Along the way from the ferry, you can admire many interesting places located on the south coast of Crete such as the road to Anopoli, charming Loutro, beaches in Phoenix, the outlet of the Aradena gorge, Marmara beach and the green hills of Agia Roumeli.

Beaches from the south coast of Crete

In the video below you will have the opportunity to see several beaches from the south of Crete. Most of them are in the middle of the islands. A full list of places shown in the movie can be found below. We invite you to watch and of course to visit these beaches.

Traditional pottery plant - Hydria

One of the unique features of Crete is the still-alive presence of small family factories engaged in craft production of traditional Cretan products. Virtually in every major village you will find a shop where local handicraft products are sold. Today we would like to introduce you one of such places, that is, the Hydria pottery plant located in the town of Asomatos.

Another windy day in Plakias

Chania for most people is the most beautiful city of Crete. We invite you to watch a short film from a walk around the Port of Venice and its surroundings. This most representative part of the city attracts tourists like a magnet.

Another windy day in Plakias

We've always wanted to see Crete in the clouds, but from June to August it's not a very common sight and if it's already high up in the mountains. This time, however, our Crete surprised us. Along with the very gusty wind blowing from the north over Plakias clouds came, which scrolled for several days. Using this unusual aura for July, we recorded several shots of a deserted beach.

OWVEeY / mqdefault.jpg "alt =" Chania Airport - Take off - Take off from Chania airport "width =" 160 "height =" 90 "/>

Airport. Ioannis Daskalogiannis in Chania is the second largest airport in Crete. Today we post a video from the moment that probably none of you like, or the departure from Crete.

A windy day in Plakias

We would like to invite you today to watch the short production of our work entitled "A windy day in Plakias". Tutułowe small town located in the central part of the southern coast of Crete. The proximity of many attractions may encourage you to choose this place as a base for exploring this region of the island. One of the longest beaches to be found in this part of Crete is a great asset of Plakias.

Return by ferry to Chora Sfakion

New National Road is a peculiar communication backbone of the northern coast of Crete. A significant part of tourist traffic is carried out through this road. However, due to the difficult mountainous terrain, not all areas of the island are as well connected as the northern part of Crete. The wild south coast of the western part of the island has its own maritime equivalent of this land route - it is a permanent ferry connection connecting the most important towns of this region.

Monastery and palm beach in Preveli

In 2010, when Preveli beach was largely destroyed by the fire that raged there, it seemed that for a long time this place would be removed from the group of the greatest attractions of Crete. The sticky stumps of palm trees that remained from the old grove presented a very depressing view. Today we have the opportunity to present you a film from our this year's expedition to this beach. Find out how to regenerate nature yourself.

Film Rethymnon

Today we offer you a quick virtual walk through the streets of Rethymnon, which is the third largest city of Crete. The city lies in the north-western part of Crete, more or less in the middle of the New National Road section connecting Chania and Heraklion. For many years he has been competing with Chania for the title of the most beautiful city of Crete. Find out for yourself whether it deserves to be called.

Film Landing at the airport Ioannis Daskalogiannis in Chania

In reference to the recently published description of the airport in Chania, today we present you a movie showing the landing at the airport. Ioannis Daskalogiannis. It is worth remembering how most of us greeted Kreta the more that the holiday season is about to end, and for some people the holidays are distant memories.

Film trip to Tripiti beach

Drive by car on a gravel road leading to Tripiti beach. It is in vain to look for information about this beach in traditional paper guides. No wonder then that this place is overlooked by matourism and the vast majority of those who vacation on this beach are local Greeks. We wish you nice watching ... the road is really "interesting".

Movie cruise to Loutro

Loutro is a tiny port located on the south coast of Crete, which can only be reached on foot or by sea. Loutro ships regularly depart from nearby Chora Sfakion. The cruise is short and takes about 15 minutes. We invite you to a movie shortcut from such a cruise.

Movie cruise to Loutro

We invite you to a shortcut of this year's stay in Crete. This short clip is also a preview of new films that we will post in the near future. Have fun watching and do not forget to turn on the speakers :).

Film preveli

Monastery dedicated to Saint. John was founded by a magnate named Prevelis from whose name he gained the colloquial name of Preveli (Greek: Πρέβελη). The beach, located a short distance from this monastery, attracts numerous groups of tourists who want to rest in the vicinity of the palm grove growing on the Megalopotamos estuary. How the access to the monastery looks like presents the following video.

Aradena movie

Driving from the north to Hora Sfakion, it passes through a road that can be considered as one of the most winding and picturesque roads in Crete. However, if you are already in this place and you are looking to repair an interesting road then you have to go in the direction of Arden, located near the village, because only the road leading to this village shows the true face of a winding road.

Elafonisi movie

Elafonisi is a small island located on the south-western tip of Crete. Pink sand and a large lagoon with warm water attracts tourists in the holiday season. From the side of Kissamos, the most popular way of getting to this beach is through the Gorge of Topolia and along the western end of Crete.

film gorge ha

The Ha Gorge is one of the many magical places in Crete. Due to the steep entrance, exploration is practically inaccessible to ordinary tourists. Without the proper equipment and knowledge of climbing techniques, it is only admiring the narrow mouth of the ravine and its impressive walls steeply rising over 300 meters up.

A mandate on Crete

As my example shows,succumbing to the temptation to press gas more strongly may end in an expensive mandate, as the Greek Police (like Poland) has many places where it is willing to set up with traditional dryers and laser speed meters. I hope that this film will "pick up" some of the visitors to Crete.

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Zdala jestem od myślenia katastroficznego ale coś mi intuicja podpowiada ze znając „inwestowanie” Greków wszystkie pieniądze od turystów pójdą w prywatne kieszenie a nie ochronę tych pięknych miejsc, a kiedy już dojdzie do ich zniszczenia przez ludzka stopę, to postawią tam wielkie hotele z prywatna plaza, bo tylko to zostanie.
jeszcze niech za powietrze zaczną naliczać, za chlor w basenie, sól w morzu, opłatę za sterylne all inclusive etc. Grecji już i tak nie ma od dawna, mogą stawać na uszach i tak się nie dorobią Greki zapyziałe
Dobry pomysł, ale jak z tym pójdzie jakieś udogodnienia typu ubikacja z prawdziwego zdarzenia itp
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Komercja komercja komercja ... dlatego kreta to nie moja bajka ... choć w tym roku chciałam się do niej przekonać... niestety na tle innych greckich wysp wypadła słaboooooo
Dobrze ze poznałam te miejsca kiedy była tam garstka ludzi a rano tylko ja :)
gość Loki: Co do samej opłaty to się zgodzę, ze powinna być. Lecz ilość przebywających osób w danym momencie to nie do końca się zgodzę. Dokładnie tydzień temu byłem w Grecji na Balos jak również na Elafonissi i ludzi jest sporo. Jechałem samochodem z Adelianos Kampos około 110 i 140 km. Jak bym zajechał i dostał informacje, ze jest za duzo osób i nie mogę skorzystać z tych uroków to bym był rozczarowany. (...)
Jakieś limity, rezerwacje czy nawet zakaz wstępu to coraz więcej rzeczy na głowie, a teraz są jeszcze covidowe dokumenty, mnie to by zniechęciło bardziej do Krety. Szczególnie, że tam wcale nie ma aż tak wiele osób. Piechotą tam praktycznie nikt nie chodzi, i tak trzeba zapłacić za statek czy samochód (a dojazd nie jest taki prosty), także niech sobie ogarną to z podatków. (...)
Jak teraz spojrzałem na google maps to na plaży na balos pojawiły sie nawet parasole co kiedyś nie było nawet do pomyślenia , tam wytrzymać cały dzien jak nic nie było i potem wejść na górę to było dla twardzieli :)
Nie wybieram się.
Ja jestem za tym żeby dokładali się na to hotelarze z własnego zysku za wynajem pokoi turystom. Pomysł powinien być po myśli tym dbającym o ekologię przedsiębiorcom
Trzeba uważać z tym narzekaniem. Przypomnę, że dwa lata temu wiele turystycznych mega miejscówek na całym świecie głośno pomstowało na turystów, domagając się końca ich inwazji. I Stwórca ich wysłuchał …
I tak jest mniej ludzi niż na plażach w Polsce
Jeśli ktoś kontrolowałby dzięki temu ilość osób przebywających na plaży, to szczerze mówiąc wolałabym zapłacić i plażować w komfortowych warunkach, a nie jak we Władysławowie
Pamiętam jeszcze balos gdzie popołudniu na placyku na górze stało może 20 aut więcej było kóz niż ludzi.
1euro od osoby to nie problem, wejście do Wąwozu Korzeniowego w Kazimierzu kosztuje tyle samo
Na balos jest przecież opłata
Myślę, że to dobry pomysł. Na plaży nie będzie tłumów, a samą plażę i okolice będzie można lepiej chronić. Byleby opłata jednak nie była zbyt wysoka.
Polacy, Rosjanie i Francuzi - okolice Rethymno
Od tygodnia oblężenie rosjan bylo widoczne
gość dodekanezowiec: Dane od touroperatorów były mniej więcej takie -  okolo 2007 najbardziej oblegany był Egipt (tani + całoroczny), okolo 2012  - Turcja, okolo 2017 Grecja. Przyczyną wzrost zamoznosci Polaków.  Ale biorąc dane nie tylko z biur podróży (cały czas mam na mysli "normalne lata" czyli "szczęśliwe lata dziesiąte" XXI w. :) - nie wiem czy Hiszpania i Włochy mogły nie wyprzedzać Grecji. (...)
Jestem w Rethymno...nie słychać Polaków...pewnie dlatego, że długie wybrzeże, dużo plaż, nie mowiąc o ogromnej liczbie tawern. Jest pięknie:)
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Chora Sfaxion

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