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Popularity is boosting Greek tourism

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Numerous forecasts regarding the development of Greek tourism show that the coming years will bring even greater interest in the most popular destinations.

The latest such analysis prepared by the analytical company Fitch Solutions predicts that by 2028 the annual number of arrivals to Greece will reach nearly 40 million. In the years 2024-2028, Fitch forecasts a sharp increase in the number of tourist arrivals mainly from countries such as Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy and the Netherlands. These are currently the largest and most important markets for Greece, generating 40% of all revenues related to inbound tourism. There is also great potential in new markets such as China and India.

Chania full of tourists

The growing interest in Greece is supported by the constantly increasing number of direct flights and targeted marketing activities. An important role in advertising is played by the Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO), which cooperates with international air carriers and promotes Greece, increasing its attractiveness to an increasingly wider base of travelers.

Greece is not only a place for summer holidays. Currently, for several years, efforts have been underway to extend the summer season and promote this country as a winter destination. The presence of mountains, e.g. in Crete, brings great potential for development towards winter sports, but at the moment the necessary infrastructure is still lacking. The last two almost snowless winters also showed that the presence of snow is unfortunately not guaranteed. GNTO's activities also aim to interest markets in traveling to Greece for business purposes. Travel related to health tourism or related to the possibility of developing one's own hobby is also becoming a sprouting branch.

Winter landscape in Crete
In spring, you can still find some winter landscapes in Crete

Continuous growth of Greek tourism

Analysts expect that until 2028, the average annual growth rate will remain at 3.7%, which is almost twice as high as in 2014.

This year, according to estimates, the number of arrivals to Greece is expected to increase by 5.3%, which means there will be 34.5 million arrivals. Based on the results of research conducted by INSETE, it was determined that Greece this year ranks 5th among travelers from Germany, France and Great Britain and 7th among Spaniards planning a vacation in the next 12 months. It is also worth noting that the record of arrivals (31.3 million), which was set in 2019, just before the pandemic, was already broken in 2023 (32.7 million).

Unfortunately, this coin has two sides. Although such increases will undoubtedly help stimulate the Greek economy, Fitch analysts point out that a sudden increase in the number of arrivals may lead to excessive tourism. This will lead to even greater pressure on the development of additional infrastructure and saturation of popular tourist destinations.

Lentas Lentas in the south of Crete is one of those towns that can hardly be said to break popularity records

Two-speed tourism

In Greece, it is also inevitable that the differences between regions will continue to deepen. Those places that are already popular will attract even more people. At the same time, as the number of guests increases, these regions will experience an increasingly faster growth in revenues, which will, of course, lead to a stronger concentration of income. Such places include Crete, which last year generated as much as 21% of all tourism revenues in Greece. It is significant that the 5 regions of Hellas that are most frequently visited by tourists brought as much as 89% of revenues from tourism last year.

In turn, places with poorer connections, weaker tourist infrastructure and not promoted strongly enough will enjoy little interest from mass tourism. Of course, this reduces the chances for even development, but on the other hand, these regions may become attractive to people looking for a slightly different form of recreation. Such places will be a kind of oasis for all those who avoid industrial forms of travel and overcrowded beaches and towns. However, in search of peace and empty beaches, you will need to be more determined and the logistics that come with traveling on your own will be more complicated. However, Greece will reward you with a lot of time spent on planning such a holiday, offering you unforgettable memories.

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