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Interesting beaches in Rethymno Prefecture

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Today we have another part of our series of the most interesting places from Rethymno Prefecture for you. This time we will look at the beaches in this area of Crete. There are no such spectacular places here as in the area of Chania. A large part of the beaches of this prefecture are quite ordinary places, although there are also beautiful ones. As always, the list below is our subjective choice and it does not exhaust the topic of interesting beaches in this prefecture. We leave you space for your own discoveries ;-)

The most interesting beaches in Rethymno

We have marked the places described below on the google map as always. Thanks to this, it will be easier to find them during Cretan travels.


Who does not know this beach where the famous palm forest grows and the river flows into the sea? Preveli Beach is one of the most characteristic and famous attractions of Crete. Although you have to go down a rocky path full of steep steps from the parking lot to the beach, it is worth taking up this challenge. From above, you will see how both banks of the Megapotamos River are covered with palm trees creating an exotic landscape. From the path you can also see the characteristic bends of the river flowing onto the gray sand beach.

Preveli Beach


This beach owes its name to three characteristic rocks emerging from the sea. In Greek, the name Triopetra literally means Three Rocks. It is a beautifully situated, quite large and wide beach covered with coarse sand, overlooking the White Mountains, far to the west. A beautiful place, which is still far from commercialization, which is ubiquitous on the northern coast of Crete. To the east of the famous rocks there is a second, smaller part of the beach, which is known as Μικρή Τριόπετρα, or Little Triopetra.


Ligres Beach

Being in the vicinity of the Triopetra beach, in our opinion, it is also worth visiting the Ligres beach. It is very picturesquely situated, and its length reaches 1.5 km, which by Cretan standards means a really long beach. This place is known and popular mainly among the locals and tourists coming here from other regions of Greece. It's a wild beach, with no rows of umbrellas or other amenities. Getting here can also be a challenge, especially if you choose the route through the surrounding mountain villages. Tight streets, steep climbs ... but what not to do to see such places.


Agios Pavlos

In the small town of Agios Pavlos, there is a charming little bay with a small, intimate beach. This place is especially appreciated by people who like to spend their holidays in quiet and little-known places. This beach is specifically located at the foot of a large dune, which only emphasizes its specific character. On the west side of the beach there is an entrance to a small rock headland, which offers a beautiful view of the entire bay and the few buildings erected on the surrounding hills.

Agios Pavlos


After entering the rock headland from Agios Pavlos, it is worth going further east. Behind the headland there is an amazing and majestic beach, which is also located at the foot of a large dune. It is a very picturesque place that makes a big impression. Alatsogremni has nothing to do with the crowded tourist beaches known in the north of the island. It is a great place to relax, although the necessary beach accessories should be taken with you. At the top of the dune is the tiny Pateros Canteen, which is also a great place to enjoy the surrounding views from sunrise to sunset.


Lake Kournas

Who does not know this lake today? It is only a short distance from the famous tourist resort of Georgioupoulis, so it has become the destination of countless local excursions. Within a dozen or so years, out of a little-known attraction, a very commercial place has been created here with lots of shops and taverns, pedal boats and other water equipment rentals. Nevertheless, we highly recommend this place, although the beach itself is not very impressive. However, the view of the insanely colored lake surrounded by mountains is unforgettable. And it's really worth renting a pedalo to get around Kournas. You just have to remember that the lake is not very shallow, and in some places its depth is up to 45 meters. Its waters are home to small freshwater turtles that sometimes show themselves to the lucky ones.

Lake Kournas


There are generally no beaches on the north coast of Crete in our listings. They are usually very crowded places near famous tourist destinations. However, in the case of Georgioupouli, we make an exception for two reasons. First, it is one of the longest sandy beaches of Crete, stretching several kilometers to the east. And secondly, it is exceptionally beautifully situated against the backdrop of the mountains and with a picturesque bay on the western side. In addition, by the beach in Georgiopouli there is a very popular chapel of Agios Nikolaos with a causeway leading to it.



This small tourist town located on the southern coast of Crete can boast a really impressive and long beach. Its eastern end is closed by the characteristic rock cliff of Gonates. This 80-meter rock is a popular climbing spot, so if you like the sea and rock climbing, you will find both attractions here. However, we must warn you that the location of this beach on the Kourtaliotiko gorge causes that there is often a strong wind here.



Skinaria is a small beach located in a small bay closed by rocks on both sides. This picturesque and still not very commercial place attracts locals and people who value peace and informal atmosphere. The swimming pool is also appreciated by divers due to the good visibility up to 40 meters into the sea. A very nice place, although the bathing area gets deep quickly.



It is a small, intimate beach located west of Plakias. The characteristic black rocks in the sea look as if someone just threw them here on purpose. From the beach itself, you can see the bay at Plakias and the rocky hills that close it. Tamarisks grow on Skinos, so if there are no vacancies on the few sun loungers, you can look for shade next to these characteristic trees.



This is another beautifully situated beach located in the Plakias area. Souda is located at the mouth of the gorge with the Finikas River flowing at its bottom. This small stream, fed by mountain streams, is full of water all year round. That is why this valley is green even at the peak of the holiday season. In several places along Finikas you can see the groves of the Cretan palms of Theophrastia ( Phoenix theophrastii ). Souda is one of the most important reserves where this very rare species occurs. The beach itself is extensive and rather wide. As with other beaches in this region, it must be remembered that one part of it is customarily occupied by naturists.


And at the end of this list, we left a place that we consider more of a beach curiosity, i.e.
It is not a classic beach, but rather evidence that the beach can be "done" even in very unfavorable natural circumstances. On the rocky cliffs west of Plakias, a hotel complex was built that could not fulfill its role without having a beach. Therefore, it was created by ingeniously adapting the surrounding rocks and arranging deckchairs here. The space between the rocks creates a natural swimming pool, hence the place also functions as a diving center. It must be admitted that it is a picturesque and unusual place. We will only add that from Plakias you can get here by walking trail. It is worth seeing this work of nature and man ;-)

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Mam ogromny sentyment do Krety i jego mieszkańców. Zawsze cudowne wakacje :) jednak po tygodniu w maju horror. Ogromne temperatury, zimne morze i baseny.
Ciekawi mnie, skąd Kretenczycy mają slodką wodę? Czy są tu jakies zrodla gruntowe? Własciciel naszego miejsca urlopowego pobytu nie wiedzial, ale mowil, że deszcz tej zimy padal dwa razy.
Kreta ogranicza dostęp do wielu innych atrakcji-Balos ,Chrisi, Elafonisi, Samaria itd.To fakt że trzeba chronić te miejsca, tylko czym zainteresują się turyści chcący poznać wszystkie zakątki tej cudowniej wyspy. Wielu z nich będzie zmieniać kierunek wakacji, a za tym idzie odpływ finansów dla tubylców,
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Ta patoturysyyka zabiła Santorini jako miejsce do życia. Stała się wyspą na której mogą mieszkać bogacze, których stać na wyśrubowane ceny lub wycieczki statkiem do sklepu. Poza sezonem to martwe miejsce. Tak umierają miasteczka wszędzie tam, gdzie drożyzną goli się turystów jak owce. Mają w powarzaniu, że dla Ciebie mała butelka wody za dwa euro to majątek. Przypłynie stonka i wszystko wykupi. (...)
Trzeba zacząć od tego, że te wycieczki 1 dniowe na Santorini mijają się z celem... są kosztowne, kilka godzin spędza się na transferze. Ludzie wyrzucani są w najgorszy upał i tłumy na Santo...wyścig do najbardziej fotogenicznych miejscówek i tyle... strata pieniędzy i czasu. Santorini zasługuje na dłuższą eksploracje, spokój chwilę zadumy... (...)
Gosia | : Cześć, dziękujemy za informację. Artykuł pisaliśmy kilka lat temu ale świat się zmienia jak widać. Pozdrawiamy serdecznie :)
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