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Report from Natura Food 2018

For us, a visit to the Natura Food event was as always a kind of festival of flavors and the opportunity to learn about the products of Polish niche producers. We are very pleased that apart from the new exhibitors at the fair, it was possible to meet many companies participating in previous editions. Anyway, choosing this year in Łódź we were counting on the opportunity to buy products that literally conquered our palates last year. Below we would like to draw your attention to several companies.

Entrance to the fair

At this year's edition of Natura Food, as we wrote earlier, three stands with Greek products were available. Among those well known and available to us earlier, we also found a few that were completely new to us. On the stake, we turned our attention to tea from dried olive leaves. It is characterized by a very mild taste. The stand was definitely distinguished by the Eliam oil , which not only attracted the eye with a very aesthetic bottle but also enchanted by the extremely strong taste and high health-promoting properties confirmed by the Health Claim certificate. As we wrote yesterday, this oil won the gold medal at the Natura Food 2018. - eliama

Also at the stand (Greece in my mouth) we found something for ourselves. We were delighted with the olives dried in salt from Thassos, reminiscent of the Cretan corona-ryes we recently wrote about. However, they are much larger and more fleshy from them. A large selection of Greek cheeses also left us indifferent. We took the opportunity to stock up on the Cretan gravier. - cheese

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne " Bartnik Mazurski " has been recorded in our memory during the last year's visit to the Natura Food fair. It is a small family company developed by Agnieszka and Robert Pucerów. The honeys produced by them, grated with ginger and cinnamon, are for us one of the larger breakfast delicacies. This year, this duo has also been joined by a unique honey with the addition of mint leaves. According to the author's words, it took several months to refine his recipe and required tedious tests that were not always successful.

Bartnik Mazurski

Bartnik Masurian

Another company that we came back to with great pleasure was the manufacturer of Lomnicki Cheese from Kozia Łąki. This is another unique family company operating near Jelenia Góra. Own herd of goats now consisting of over 100 animals, allows you to create unique cheese of the highest quality. Everyone will find something for themselves in the wide range of this company. Both a layman looking for something that complements the breakfast composition of a sandwich, as well as connoisseurs looking for distinctive flavors that will easily find in cheese ripening for several months.

Lomnicky cheese

A novelty at the fair, which surprised us very positively, was the presence of minicum producers. It is a surprising small fruit, the taste of which largely corresponds to a full-sized cousin. It is worth mentioning that minikiwi fruit is not only a novelty at the Natura Food fair, but also a novelty on the Polish market. They have been growing in Poland for a short time, but it was not until 2018 that they debuted in our stores. They are available, among others, in some supermarket chains and discount stores. If you hit them, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourself with their taste. More information about these fruits can also be found at:

Mini kiwi

Mini kiwi

We were also pleased with the re-entry of the Sery Grądzkie company, whose products are in our opinion the highest flavor shelf. Already last year, our palate conquered the Encantado cheese, which is subjected to a process of light ripening, and then sprinkled with dried tomatoes and basil. The cheese thus prepared is then wrapped in pickled grape leaves. For us, its appearance is obviously associated with the Greek dolmadakia, but you must believe that the taste is completely different. From other interesting cheeses it is worth mentioning one that matures ... covered with burnt straw. Its original and strong taste will be appreciated rather by cheese connoisseurs.

Grądzkie cheese

Grądzkie cheese - Marek Grądzki

Similarly as last year, we also visited the Klimeko stand. The producer offers, among other things, great baked, smoked and other cheeses. It is a small family company that produces dairy products based on traditional recipes and natural production methods.


You can count on excellent in taste and hand-made sausages by looking at the small stand "U Jack". Knowing their products already, we counted on their presence at the fair and, fortunately, we were not disappointed.

At Jack's

Finally, we would like to mention the goat cheese produced by the Agricultural Farm "Nad Arem" , which specializes in the production of goat cheese. Over 20 years of experience of this family company have their origins in 1992, when the first goat, Pyza, was bought into the farm. Today's cheeses, distinguished by various flavors, are created on the basis of milk obtained from a goat herd of over 250 pieces.

Ara - agricultural farm

Of course, the companies we wrote about were only a small part of this trade show. There were, of course, many more exhibitors. Stands with cold meats, all kinds of fruit and vegetable products, honey, natural cosmetics and many other things make it necessary to reserve at least 2-3 hours of free time for this trade fair, as well as a large amount of cash;)



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Na szczęście byłam wczoraj
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