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Chania area for beach lovers

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Today we had selected places for active holidays planned , but due to the heat and closed trails, we decided that it would be more appropriate to show the most interesting and best beaches from the Chania region.

In this category, it's hard to pick the best seats. Because what exactly is the best beach? The most beautiful? The most interesting location? Sandy? Wild and far from the crowds? There are plenty of beaches in the Chania Prefecture. Many of these places have a chance to become favorites for various reasons, because everyone likes something different. In addition, it is in this region that two beaches are classified as the most beautiful in the world and in Europe. We mean, of course, Balos and Elafonissi. Unfortunately, this popularity means that in their case it is difficult to find a piece of peaceful place, which for many people may disqualify these places. We deliberately omitted the beaches located in the tourist areas of the town.

Chania area - the most interesting beaches

As in the previous episodes of this series of articles, the places described below have been marked on the google map. So far, we have published the most interesting places related to history and the most interesting roads of the Chania region.


Falasarna is one of the most impressive beaches of western Crete. If you are looking for a nice place to sunbathe, you will find in Falasarna both the impressive size of the beach, sand and water of stunning color. In addition to the largest beach called Big Beach, there are also smaller and more intimate ones.

Falassarna Beach


We cannot fail to write about this place. The Balos Lagoon is one of the best-known postcard views in Crete. It is a kind of showcase of the island that everyone knows and most tourists have been or will be here. Balos is also one of the most famous beaches in Europe and the world, which every year ranks high in various rankings. The layout of the sandy lagoon changes every year , so if you come back after some time, the lagoon will be a bit different. Coming here, however, you have to remember that the popularity of this place is huge, so in high season it is a noisy and crowded place. We leave the decision whether to get here by car or by boat :)

Balos lagoon


On this beach, in the season, you cannot count on intimacy either. The high positions that Elafonissi takes every year in the rankings of the best beaches in Europe and the world are, unfortunately, associated with great interest. Especially in recent years it has become very crowded here in the season. If you want to see the empty Elafonissi, you have to come here out of season, or in less typical hours: early in the morning or during sunset.


Seitan Limania

A small bay is one of the most picturesque and recognizable places. Apparently, the career of this place began with one photo posted on the Internet. However, this beach is tiny, so in high season it can be crowded here because there are more people willing than places. Nevertheless, it is worth taking a look here because the view is really unforgettable. When choosing here, you have to remember that the descent and the end of the journey are not the easiest ones.

Seitan Limania

Stavros Beach

Some of the shots for the movie Zorba the Greek were shot in Stavros, which in recent years this town has literally taken full advantage of. The prices of sun loungers and an umbrella on the beach with a view of the famous hill known from the movie soared to astronomical heights. Before there were 8 rows of sunbeds here, it was a very pleasant place. The sandy beach, gentle descent into the water made families with children eagerly come here.


Kalathas Beach

Kalathas is located on the Akrotiri peninsula near Chania, so it is a popular and crowded place, especially by local residents. In high season, it is difficult to find a free parking space. Despite this difficulty, this beach is close to ideal. The sand, the beautiful color of the water, and the gentle sandy descent make it possible to spend many hours here.


Beaches in Marathi and Loutraki

These are two beaches located almost in the neighborhood, located in the southern part of the Akrotiri peninsula. Both are sandy and close to Chania. Loutraki is a bit bigger, Marathi is small and narrow but in a nice bay. From both of these beaches you can see the main part of Crete and the Bay of Souda. We recommend it if you are in Chania and you don't want to look too far for sandy beaches.

Loutraki Loutraki Beach

Marathi Marathi Beach

Grammeno Beach

If you are looking for a quiet place, with a sandy beach and a gentle sandy descent into the water, the beach on the Grammeno peninsula will be perfect. It is located on the southern coast of Crete between Palochora and Krios, which almost guarantees peace and quiet. On this peninsula, on the other side, you will also find the pebble beach of Alonaki.

Grammeno Beach

Aspri Limni - White Lake

A very unobvious and little-known place. It is a modest local beach located in a picturesque bay, the shape of which resembles a lake. Totally non-touristic place, with no noisy beach infrastructure. A place just in time to sit on a bench and contemplate the images created by nature. And let it stay that way.

Aspri Limni


Sandy beach overlooking the fortress and mountains? Yes, this is the description of the beach in Frangokastello. If you add the sandy bottom of the bathing beach and the gentle descent into the water, this is a recipe for the perfect beach. A very pleasant place, away from 5 star hotels. There are only guest houses in the area.


Kedrodasos Beach

A beautiful sandy and wild beach just a kilometer from Elafonissi. The spectacular beautiful coast is covered with cedar forest, and many people compare this place to paradise. In contrast to the crowded Elafonissi, there are very few people here, so it is an ideal place for those who are looking for peace in the beautiful natural setting.


Glyka Nera (Sweet Water)

The beach is located on the E4 route between Chora Sfakion and Loutro. You can only get here on foot or by boat from nearby towns. The beach is characteristically situated at the foot of the mountain and has a row of tamarisk trees, in the shade of which you can spend many relaxing hours.

Glyka Nera - Sweet Water

Paleochora Beach

In our list of beaches in the Chania region, the one in Paleochora could not be missing. It does not have a spectacular location, but it is long, wide and sandy so everyone will find their place here. On weekends, there are usually more people here, as very often Cretans who want a break from the hustle and bustle of the north coast come here very often. The beach in Paleochora also has a predominantly sandy bathing area. Another advantage of this town is the lack of hotels and organized tourism, which can be seen mainly in the evenings. Beach-goers spend their time here even until late hours.


Gialiskari Beach

These are basically a few beaches located on a small headland near the village of Anidri and the mouth of the gorge of the same name. Gialiskari is located about 4 km from Paleochora, from which you can get here by taxi. We do not recommend hiking from Palechora, unless you want to go in the dust caused by passing taxis ;-) Gialiskari Beach is located on the E4 route, so it's also a great place to catch your breath.


Sougia Beach

People looking for quiet places will find themselves on this beach. The proximity of mountains and ravines and a fairly remote location mean that not too many people come here. It is an ideal place to rest after crossing the Agia Irini gorge and Lissos or after leaving the E4 route that passes through this town. The beach itself is covered with fine gray sand that turns into gravel and stones. The shore of the bathing beach descends relatively steeply and the water becomes relatively deep very quickly. Unfortunately, it is not favorable for families with small children and less swimmers. The great advantage of the beach in Sougia is the amazing color of the water and its transparency.



Why do we place this pebble beach among the best places in this area? Due to the beautiful location at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by the white Loutro houses and the insanely transparent water, which, in addition to the blaze of fantastic colors, makes the boats moored here look as if they were levitating. It is also a great place for diving and snorkeling.


Agia Roumeli beach

This place is known to everyone who passed the Samaria Gorge. Despite the fact that it is a sand and gravel beach with an admixture of stones, no one will fuss after walking the several-kilometer-long trail. Staying here is a chance to relax and cool off when you take a bath in this place. Therefore, when packing a backpack for a trip, it is worth adding the necessary beach accessories. Besides, this beach is beautifully situated at the foot of the White Mountains.

Agia Roumeli

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2021-08-04 17:16:30

Każda ma coś w sobie

 CRETE - Kreta
CRETE - Kreta
2021-08-04 17:20:34

Małgorzata Lipiec Dlatego ciężko wybrać

2021-08-04 17:17:02

super jeszcze trochę i tam będę

2021-08-04 18:04:41

Aleksandra Wojnarowska

2021-08-04 19:02:29

jeszcze 2 tyg i też będę. już nie mogę się doczekać

2021-08-04 19:27:47

Dzisiaj odwiedzone Falassarna, Seitan Limana i stavros. Jednak dla mnie numerem jeden z odwiedzonych jest Kedrosasos. Balos na końcu stawki

2021-08-05 06:22:19

Ania Zychowicz Mi Balos też nie przypadło do gustu, byłam, zobaczyłam , wystarczy

 CRETE - Kreta
CRETE - Kreta
2021-08-05 10:35:40

Po prostu Balos trzeba zobaczyć wtedy kiedy nie ma tu nikogo. :) A Kedrodasos jest bajeczne :)

2021-08-04 21:35:12

Tyle co wróciliśmy miód i wino piliśmy

2021-08-05 06:16:08


2021-08-05 06:48:07

Pozdrowienia z Chanii

 CRETE - Kreta
CRETE - Kreta
2021-08-05 10:13:55

Kinga Lademann I wzajemnie. Oby do tego czasu nic się nie wydarzyło.

2021-08-05 10:21:01

CRETE - Kreta a dziękuję.
Prawda - oby. Robi się niebezpiecznie.

2021-08-05 16:05:29

Czy w momencie przylotu ludzie są poddawani wyrywkowym testom na COVID (na lotnisku)? Z góry dziękuje za odpowiedź.

 CRETE - Kreta
CRETE - Kreta
2021-08-05 16:17:22

Bartosz Głuszczuk Niektórzy nieliczni.

2021-08-05 16:18:29

CRETE - Kreta dziękuje za odpowiedź

 CRETE - Kreta
CRETE - Kreta
2021-08-05 16:33:24

Bartosz Głuszczuk To nie ma znaczenia czy podróżujesz z biurem czy indywidualnie.

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Kreta ogranicza dostęp do wielu innych atrakcji-Balos ,Chrisi, Elafonisi, Samaria itd.To fakt że trzeba chronić te miejsca, tylko czym zainteresują się turyści chcący poznać wszystkie zakątki tej cudowniej wyspy. Wielu z nich będzie zmieniać kierunek wakacji, a za tym idzie odpływ finansów dla tubylców,
Tak: już 5 lat temu mowili ze wchodzi limit odwiedzających: wolno im to idzie;)
Ta patoturysyyka zabiła Santorini jako miejsce do życia. Stała się wyspą na której mogą mieszkać bogacze, których stać na wyśrubowane ceny lub wycieczki statkiem do sklepu. Poza sezonem to martwe miejsce. Tak umierają miasteczka wszędzie tam, gdzie drożyzną goli się turystów jak owce. Mają w powarzaniu, że dla Ciebie mała butelka wody za dwa euro to majątek. Przypłynie stonka i wszystko wykupi. (...)
Trzeba zacząć od tego, że te wycieczki 1 dniowe na Santorini mijają się z celem... są kosztowne, kilka godzin spędza się na transferze. Ludzie wyrzucani są w najgorszy upał i tłumy na Santo...wyścig do najbardziej fotogenicznych miejscówek i tyle... strata pieniędzy i czasu. Santorini zasługuje na dłuższą eksploracje, spokój chwilę zadumy... (...)
Gosia | : Cześć, dziękujemy za informację. Artykuł pisaliśmy kilka lat temu ale świat się zmienia jak widać. Pozdrawiamy serdecznie :)
gość eizo: Cześć. Informuję, że od tego roku TUI organizuje wczasy prznajmniej w 2 hotelach w Matali: Matala Bay Hotel i Zafiria. Byliśmy tydzień w czerwcu br w Zafirii. Hotel czasy świetności ma już za sobą ale jest czysty z super obsługą. (...)
gość Rigilkent: Kreta oddzieliła się od kontynentu europejskiego już ok. 15 mln lat temu. Natomiast ok. 6 mln lat temu faktycznie nie była wyspą, mając nie tylko połączenie z Peoponezem, ale praktycznie z każdym zakątkiem ląduów otaczającch morze Śródniemne, gdyż tego wtedy... (...)
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