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Report from the Greek Panorama 2018

The next, fourth edition of the Greek Panorama ended at 17.00 on the last Sunday. We were extremely pleased to take part in this event not only as participants but also as one of the official partners of the Greek Panorama. Below you will be able to see our relationship with this event.

Greek Panorama 2018 - report

At the outset, it is worth noting that this year's edition of this event attracted a record number of visitors, reaching the number of nearly 9,400 people . At peak hours the separated part of the crown of the PGE National Stadium, where the Greek Panorama was organized, was tightly filled with visitors. This is clearly seen in the above photograph illustrating this article.

As in previous years, the exhibition was divided into two thematic zones. The first of them was devoted to tourism in its broad sense. The second zone of the Greek Panorama, on the other hand, gathered mainly exhibitors of products as well as distributors involved in their sale. In our opinion, this is a very good solution that would be worth keeping in the coming years.

Greek Panorama 2018 - Pelion

Exhibitors of products

Among the exhibitors, you could find many companies that were already present during previous editions. Among them one could not miss the company Physis of Crete, created and developed by the Asmarianakis family from Kritsa. It is also worth mentioning that this brand is present on the Greek Panorama since its first edition organized at Torwar. This company is known for the production of excellent quality oils, honey, herbs and cosmetics. Since last year, the range has been expanded with polyphenol oil Crown certified Health Claims .

It is also worth noting here that Crete was perfectly represented among the producers who are in the group of exhibitors of this year's Panorama of Greece. In addition to the above mentioned Physis of Crete, there are also such companies as: Terra di Sitia , Cretan bites , or Cretan Farmers . Among the exhibitors from Crete, there was also Festos AgroGroup , an association of fruit and vegetable producers operating in the Messara region.

Another company from Crete that was worth paying attention to while visiting the Greek Panorama was the Ellis Farm stand, the producer of Eliam's oil. As part of the exhibition presented there, there was also an interesting installation made of olive wood, in which a bottle with oil flowing out of it was sunk. Ellis Farm also presented oils produced from this year's harvest, including the extremely intense flavor of the oil of Eliama Gold.

Going beyond the list of producers from Crete, but staying on the subject of polyphenol oils, it is worth mentioning Biogreen . It is typically a family enterprise focused on production based on the oldest and most natural methods. The oil obtained in this way is characterized not only by high quality parameters, but also by one of the highest polyphenol content. It is also worth noting that the product Bio Green Olive Oil is offered at a reasonable price compared to other comparable oils.

Greek Panorama 2018 - Bio Green

One of the novelties present during this year's Greek Panorama was Melodia company specializing in the production of honey and cosmetics based on beeswax. The products exhibited by this company not only stood out with a modern design, but were also exposed in an extremely attractive way that you can perfectly see in the pictures below. We were especially attracted by fir honeys, which were characterized by a unique taste. We hope that the presence of the Melodia company on the Greek Panorama was an opportunity for these products to be won by distributors in Poland. If in the future you will have the opportunity to buy honey or cosmetics from this manufacturer, we strongly encourage you to do so.

Greek Panorama 2018 - Honey Melody

Near the Melodia exhibition there was a stand of other honey producers. It was Honey Epirus Gea , which once again hosted the Greek Panorama at the fair.

The offer of the Melideli store in Warsaw specializing in the sale of imported products from Greece was also very popular among visitors.

Pictures from the other stands presenting different types of products from Greece can be found below:

Seminars and culinary shows

During this year's Panorama of Greece, the organizers also provided the opportunity to participate in additional events available under the part called the " Greek Food Show ". As part of this specific festival of flavors there were such attractions as culinary shows, as well as seminars devoted to Greek wines and olive oil. Most of these events enjoyed great popularity among visitors.

The seminar part devoted to Greek wines included two topics:

During these seminars it was possible to learn not only many interesting facts, facts and stories related to the local wine traditions, but also to try a few wines characteristic of Greece. During the tasting, we were captivated by the extremely gentle retorts " Kechribari ". Thanks to the information provided during these seminars, in the future we will certainly more consciously reach for Greek wines.

Greek Panorama - wine seminar

For us, the " Magic of Greek olive oil " seminar led by Monika Solinska was particularly interesting. As enthusiasts of Greek oil, we caught a lot of interesting facts and flavors related to this subject with great interest. One of the aspects raised during this seminar was the impact of time on the quality and taste of the oil. Thanks to the possibility of tasting samples of Eliama oil, which came from two different collections, you could independently spot the variability of the taste values. For many people, the seminar was certainly also an excellent opportunity to refute some of the myths circulating around the oil. It was also possible to find out what aspects distinguish Greek producers from industrial oil producers concentrated in such countries as Spain or Italy.

Greek Panorama - an olive seminar

We hope that the organization of this type of seminars will be continued in subsequent editions of the Panorama of Greece. These initiatives allow to raise consumers' awareness in a decisive way, and teach them to choose valuable products from those available on store shelves.

As the only minus of this part of the Greek Panorama, we recognize the location of the seminars. The noise and hum in the local stands was particularly acute in the case of a seminar devoted to the Greek olive oil. It is a pity that they were not organized in separate rooms the pattern of last year.

Greek Panorama - Teo Vafidis

Greek Panorama - Kuba Korczak

Finally, it is worth mentioning the culinary demonstrations that were conducted by Teo Vafidis and Kuba Korczak who brought the guests of the Greek Panorama a rope of Greek cuisine. These events were extremely popular among visitors. Each of the shows gathered a large crowd of viewers craving not only culinary knowledge but also the possibility of tasting dishes prepared by the chefs.

These shows were events implemented as part of the Olive You campaign supported by the European Union. The main purpose of this educational program is to emphasize that the fruits of the olive tree are an important element of the famous "Mediterranean diet". It is worth mentioning here that UNESCO officially declared this diet " Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity ".


As part of the Greek Panorama, the photo exhibition " Evzoni, Greek National Guard " was presented, which was prepared by Dimitra Hatziadam under the patronage of the Greek Embassy. This exhibition is a way to celebrate the centenary of establishing diplomatic relations between Greece and Poland.

Greek Panorama 2018 - exhibition

One of the attractions that permanently enrolled in the program of the Greek Panorama is the presentation of Greek dances performed by people associated in the Society of Friends of Greece . These shows not only give you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the steps of popular dances from different regions of Greece, but also to try your hand at their performance.

Thanks to the " Książkowe Klimaty " publishing house on the Greek Panorama, there was also the literature there, which for many years has been published as a series of books with the brand name "Greek Climate." I personally recommend you to familiarize yourself with the offer of this publication, because you will find there a lot of unique items in contemporary literature II.

Greek Panorama 2018 - Book Climates


This year's Greek Panorama was a very intense time for us. We are very happy that thanks to this event we once again had the opportunity to talk to some of our regular readers. We hope that we will be able to meet again next year to exchange further interesting information about Crete and Greece.

Below you will find more photos taken of the tourist section of the Greek Panorama 2018:

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