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The best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island Crete and to a small extent of continental Greece. You will find useful information related to visiting Crete that goes beyond the offer of optional tours. On the website you will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited by visiting this largest Greek island. The content complements the current news, photographs and recipes of Greek cuisine.

Guides and maps

Map of Freytag & Berndt

Map of Freytag & Berndt

Every person who thinks about intensive exploring and traveling by car in Crete should have such a map. Definitely one of the best if not the best map you can have in Crete. If you think that navigation is the best solution for orienting on the island, I have to tell you that you are definitely wrong, because in my experience I can tell you that after two days of using this satellite boon I gave up using GPS 'and. I returned to the traditional method of route planning using a simple map and I used navigation only as a tool confirming my current position. This map has a very good classification of roads, which is most importantly quite recent. In the area are also marked the most important tourist attractions and a very large number of archaeological excavations.

Pocket guide - RM, Discovery

Pocket guide of Crete

In this guide you will find practical information on what is really worth seeing in Crete. Which trips must you choose? How to reach interesting places, not yet discovered by tourists? Written by a local expert who knows the island perfectly. In this book you will find all the answers. On the plan attached to the guide, the tour routes are described. You can also use it regardless of the guide

Crete - around the world - PASCAL

Crete - around the world - PASCAL

With the new guide "Crete" from the series "Around the World" you will meet the island where Zeus was born. The goddess with snakes in his hands once ruled over this extraordinary piece of land. It was here, long before the birth of the Greek Olympics, that the beautiful young men were making somersaults over the horns of enraged bulls. It was here that the mythical Minotaur lived ... Crete is still an extraordinary island. Go there for a holiday, whether you dream of lounging on hot beaches and evening drinks, or the mood of lost mountain villages, architectural traces of ancient times, and view of the sea at dawn. The "Kreta" guide on the spiral is modern, colorful, transparent, readable and comfortable. It is for you, if you travel for learning, pleasure or relaxation, you like comfort, you value time. With "Kreta" ordinary tourist "cognition" you exchange for "participating in everyday life". With "Kreta" you will benefit from all the island's pleasures: sightseeing, good food, entertainment, shopping.

Crete - around the world - PASCAL

Crete - Baedeker

Despite the fact that this guide quite often accompanied us on our travels around Crete, we still have quite mixed feelings about this publication. One of the first drawbacks we have noticed is that, as with most foreign releases, Baedeker's guide is burdened with a large number of strange translations that some people may be misleading. However, while this disadvantage is more annoying than it interferes with so many mistakes and inaccuracies in the information provided, they can cause real problems or difficulties. Personally, we found out for ourselves on this fact by going on a trip from Souga to Lissos. In the description of this hiking trip we found laconic information that it is a 30 minute walk on the hills. It is rather doubtful that in the set time, even moving fast enough, you managed to reach half of this route. Unfortunately, this is not the only substantive error contained in this guide, which had an impact on our tours of Crete.

The plus points are really handy, compact format and a large amount of information and content that is contained in this guide. You will find in it the largest number of described places, the index of places is really impressive. It is a pity, however, that quite often these descriptions are very short and laconic, but nevertheless they allow to obtain a minimum of information about a given place. It is also worth mentioning that this guide is characterized by high durability. Despite the fact that we have been using it for several years, it still remains in a good condition. None of the sides shows a tendency to fall out, despite the fact that the ridge is glued.

The publication of Kreed Baedeker, we can recommend both those who go to Crete for the first time, as well as regular visitors on this island. It is worth (though still in Poland, at the stage of tour planning) to verify the data and information contained in this publication, especially if this guide is to be your primary source of knowledge about Crete.

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Postcards from Crete

Postcards from Crete.

A bit about us

When in 2008 we went to Crete for the first time, we did not think that this island would enter our life so much, changing it even from the kitchen. Since then, along its roads, we have driven a total of over 6.5 thousand kilometers, we went several dozen kilometers on footpaths and visited several places using local public transport. Over the two months that we spent together in this cradle of civilization, we traveled this island along the length and breadth of sightseeing not only the most famous and described places in guidebooks, but also those mentioned by only a few sources.


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Witam, jak wypełnić formularz PLF online dla dzieci póżniej 12r.ż. jak są tylko 3 opcje: pełne szczepienie, test, ozdrowieniec? i trzeba wybrać którąś z tych opcji by przejść dalej...
Gosia | : Zasadniczo to w najnowszej dyrektywie tylko jest mowa o przemieszczaniu się samolotem na wyspy. Szczerze mówiąc to nie widzę różnic w podróżach krajowych w stosunku do tego co było poprzednio, bo testy antygenowe były tu dopuszczone już poprzednio. Oficjalna rządowa strona nadal nie zamieściła zaktualizowanych wytycznych, trzeba więc poczekać na to co napiszą. Jak skończy się ważność antygenu to jest nieważny. (...)
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