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Crete - the latest news

Mavromatika beans with spinach

Beans with spinach are another simple, traditional dish. The secret of its taste is cooking mavromatika beans with fresh spinach and tomatoes. Such a short composition occurs in the simplest and most orthodox version of this dish. However, it can be expanded to include other vegetables, such as carrots and peppers, thanks to which the dish will be even more aromatic and filling.


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Spring work in Samaria and new tourism projects in Messar

The beginning of this year's tourist season in Crete is hardly normal. Due to administrative restrictions on operations, hotels and many other places froze all preparations. However, there are also places that must and try to function completely regardless of the current situation. One of them is the Samaria Gorge, where conservation work is currently underway on the trail and that part of the park that is available to visitors. Of course, we already know that this year's tourist season in the Samaria Gorge will not start too soon.


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Agios Nikolaos - a city of good memories

The vast majority of tourists who saw Agios Nikolaos have very good memories of this place. We are not surprised at all because the city is located very picturesquely on the beautiful bay of Mirambello. In addition, the central point in the city is Lake Voulismeni, around which taverns are located. It is here that summer night is concentrated. The beauty of Agios Nikolaos was well captured in today's drone film. Watch, enjoy your eyes and remember!

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The Greeks support the fight against a pandemic

The example of many people shows that the period of the fight against coronavirus is not only a time of increasing restrictions on many basic daily activities, but also a time when you can show your solidarity with medical staff, i.e. those who are leading the fight against this pandemic. In Greece, many institutions and private companies are also joining the fight against coronavirus. It is worth mentioning that today the Aegean Airlines plane landed at the airport in Athens, which brought from China very much needed medical supplies at the moment.

Aegean Airlines - flight from China

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Cretan sunsets

Tonight we would like to take you for a short walk in the rays of the setting sun over a few places located in the region of central and west Crete. In the movie captured by Chania SkyArt, you will be able to see at least beaches such as Elafonisi or Falasarna. We invite you to watch.

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Greek flag in the White Mountains

Today, one of the most important holidays, i.e. Independence Day, is celebrated in Greece. Every year various celebrations are organized as part of the celebrations in most cities. Unfortunately, this year, for obvious reasons, their implementation was not possible. This does not mean, however, that the Greeks do not celebrate their national holiday. Two Cretans from Chania found a very interesting way to distinguish that day. As reports, as part of the Independence Day celebrations, they climbed the snowy peak of Xylaris, where they plugged the Greek flag.

Greek flag on Xylaris photo source

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Coverage package for the tourism industry

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, various types of protective packages are being introduced in subsequent countries to support local entrepreneurs. Also in Poland works and consultations are underway, which will result in launching a similar program. Regardless of the assessment of this assistance package and whether these solutions really have real value for Polish entrepreneurs, it is worth bearing in mind that most likely, the provisions will also be found there by the tourism industry. What should be of particular interest to people using organized travel is the extension of the refund period paid for trips organized by travel agencies.

Organized tourism

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Greece - further tightening of rules

Quick update of the latest data and changes in the known situation.

A few days ago, the Greek government decided to close seasonal hotels. In the last hours, however, it was also decided to close the remaining hotels operating throughout the year. From March 23, only one hotel will operate in Crete at each nomos. The Irene hotel was left open in Chania, the Elina hotel will operate in Rethymno, the Summer hotel in Heraklion. As for the Lassithi prefecture, the ministry will make the decision because there were two outlets interested.

Hotel Megaron in Heraklion

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