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Crete - the latest news

Season 2019 under the microscope of Bank of Greece

In recent days, the Bank of Greece published statistical data on tourism revenues that Greece achieved in the 2019 season. The data analyzed relate to the first nine months of 2019, i.e. from January to September.

Chania - Venetian port

The presented data clearly shows the unflagging popularity of Crete, which as a region in the above period took second place in terms of achieved revenues. It is worth emphasizing that, in principle, only five regions of Greece together generated as much as 87.9% of the total revenues of the tourism sector, which in total amounted to € 16.1 billion last year.

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Winter landscape of the Kallergi hostel

In many areas of the mountains of Crete you can still enjoy the amazing winter landscapes, which are extremely picturesque and very spectacular. In recent days, a short news was published on the news portal, which showed how the Kallergi shelter looks like in this snowy scenery at an altitude of about 1680 meters above sea level. Below you can see a short film recorded by Dimitris Karofyllaki. Flying around the hostel, he captured not only the winter panorama of the White Mountains, but also the Samaria Gorge below Kallergi.

We also encourage you to look at the source article, where you will find more photos of the Kallergi hostel.

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Underwater research of ancient Olous

We have recently written to you that in the Elounda area, specifically the ruins of the ancient city of Olous, new geoarcheological studies are underway . The unusual nature of these works is that they are largely carried out under water. Below in the film prepared by the EPT station you can see what these unusual archeological works carried out by scuba divers look like. Although the remains of the city of Olous are at a depth of no more than 2.5 m, nevertheless work in such conditions requires from archaeologists appropriate technical and fitness preparation.

During these works, former budynki publiczne, drogi, donice i kotwice ze starożytnych jak i współczesnych wraków. Dno morskie zostało zmapowane przy użyciu specjalnych metod, co ma pomóc w poznaniu tego starożytnego miasta znanego w czasach minojskich między innymi z handlu purpurą tyryjską. were discovered budynki publiczne, drogi, donice i kotwice ze starożytnych jak i współczesnych wraków. Dno morskie zostało zmapowane przy użyciu specjalnych metod, co ma pomóc w poznaniu tego starożytnego miasta znanego w czasach minojskich między innymi z handlu purpurą tyryjską.

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Crete is unfavorable to anti-smoking regulations

Although some time has passed since the tightening of anti-smoking regulations, and one might think that this was a sufficient time to get used to the new legal regulations, unfortunately, cigarettes in Crete are still literally a "burning" problem. Various types of information campaigns and the threat of high fines do not help change behavior. Inspections carried out in various towns and cities located in Crete usually end with subsequent fines imposed on owners of shops and catering establishments, as well as on their clients smoking in places where it is prohibited.

No smoking

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A film tour of the Odigitrias monastery

Odigitrias Monastery is one of the most famous monasteries of southern Crete. Located slightly away from popular tourist routes, it only attracts those who relax near Matala, so there are no crowds. It is worth visiting it because it is one of the most historic and wealthy monasteries of the island. It is a place of great importance and of great historical value. A small museum has been made available inside the Xopateras tower and surrounding buildings, where you can see the old devices and objects used by monks in everyday life. It is a monastery that we remember very well. We felt like welcome guests.

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Upcoming changes in Plakias

Today we have for you further information related to new investments to be implemented in Plakias . And although we recently wrote to you about the quite controversial idea of creating a hotel complex, the construction of which was planned in Plakias in the area of the characteristic Gonates cliff, this news will have a much more positive impact. The investments that we want to mention will relate to changes carried out within the network of local roads and pedestrian routes. One of the most important elements of this investment is the construction of the small Plakias bypass, which will allow the transit of car traffic outside this town.


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Impressive rains in Crete

Since the beginning of this year, the weather in Crete can be very capricious. Over the first 9 days of January, the sum of rainfall that has been recorded there, the measuring stations often exceed the results obtained in other regions of Greece throughout the year. Particularly record rains have been observed in places such as Asi Gonia, Askifou, Potamoi and Fourfouras. In each case, their research stations reported that over 400 mm of water had fallen for every square meter.

Rain in Crete

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Chapel of St. Nicholas in Georgioupolis

Georgioupolis (Jeorjupoli, Γεωργιούπολη) is one of the tourist destinations located in the central-western part of the north coast of Crete. It is known not only for its sandy beach, but also for the chapel of Agios Nikolas (St. Nicholas). Built at the end of a stone breakwater protruding into the sea creates a very picturesque landscape. Getting to this chapel, especially when there are slightly larger waves at sea, can be quite a breakneck task. Certainly many people know this place well and certainly remember the holidays spent here.

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