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Crete - the latest news

Spinalonga electrification

Due to the very mountainous terrain in Crete, there are still many areas of the island that are not connected to the global power grid due to their location. Usually, such places are deserted and wild areas deprived of the possibility of free travel, and getting to them requires an arduous hiking trip. It is difficult, therefore, to expect the problem of access to electricity to be one of the most important tourist attractions located in the eastern part of Crete. Probably not many of those who visit Spinalonga know that this island is not connected to the Crete electricity grid, and all electricity needed for its operation must be produced locally. It seems, however, that this situation may change in the coming years due to one of the latest projects launched by local authorities.


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The final of the famous case of the disappearance and murder of Suzanne Eaton on Crete

For several weeks, the inhabitants of Crete have been the subject of the disappearance of the well-known American molecular biologist Suzanne Eaton. In her search, not only all kinds of uniformed services were involved, but also a large number of civilian volunteers who volunteered to help in this action. For several days, all traces of her presence were also looked at using all technological innovations. Drones and a plane equipped with specialized cameras were used for the search.

Searching for Suzanne During the search, a prize was offered for help in locating an American biologist
On the Internet there were also fundraisers supporting search campaigns

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Temporary closure of the Samaria Gorge

Attention! An important message for all those who planned to make a trip to the Samaria gorge for tomorrow. The park authorities have reported that due to the approaching atmospheric front, during which heavy rain is forecasted, on Wednesday , July 17, a trail running through the gorge will be inaccessible to visitors. If weather conditions normalize and no damage to the route is recorded, re-entry to the Samaria Gorge will be possible as early as next Thursday.


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Elafonisi in advance

There are many places in Crete whose beauty is particularly highlighted when they are admired from above. It is worth mentioning the famous Balos lagoon. Today, however, we would like to invite you to admire another well-known beach. Elafonisi , which is the subject of the latest film by Nikos Sarantos, is an extremely popular place among tourists. It will not be an exaggeration if we write that thousands of people come here every day. And although most of them end their stay spending most of their time just at the nearest coast, the beauty of Elafonisi is hidden not only in this part of the beach.

While watching the film by Nikos Sarantos, it is also worth paying attention to the characteristic island located at the western end of Elafonisi. There is a tragic story connected with this extremely picturesque and beautiful place, which you can find in the direct description of this beach .

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Local products from Kandanos

Among the questions that appear on our website or which you direct directly to us, there are often those regarding the recommendations of places where you can buy interesting local products. Therefore, today we would like to share with you one of our this year's discoveries and to mention to you Nikos of Kandanos. Every day, in the central square of this town, he places a small stall where he sells various kinds of home-made products.

Nikos' stand in Kandanos

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Delayed departures / arrivals of Blue Panorama to Heraklion

The tourists from Katowice, whose flight to Heraklion according to the news posted on one of the Polish information portals is delayed by about 36 hours, can speak about a not very fortunate beginning of a holiday in Crete. Such a large displacement of the outlet was caused by the failure of the air conditioning system in the aircraft. According to the information provided by the Itaka travel agency, before the restart, the machine of the Italian Blue Panorama carrier must undergo all necessary repairs to allow safe flight completion.

Herakion airport

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Closed hiking trails of western Crete with high fire risk

Recently, we wrote on our website that in the case of high fire risk, access to some hiking trails and forest areas located in the middle of Crete will be closed. In recent days, a similar decision was made regarding analogous places located in the western part of the island. It is worth paying attention to this information, as this prohibition will also apply to popular hiking trails run by the gorges there.

Entrance to the Samaria Gorge

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Garbage on the beaches of Mirambello Bay

Beaches located in the area of Kalo Chorio, Pachia Ammos or Kavousi are undoubtedly one of the best beaches along the bay of Mirmabello. The idyllic landscape stretched along this part of the coast seems to complement the happiness of the owners of guesthouses in this area of Crete. Unfortunately, due to the unresolved problem of large amount of rubbish arriving at local beaches, for many years the situation is quite different and causes more and more frustration among the residents of nearby towns.

Garbage on the beach in Pachia Ammos Garbage on the beach of Pachia Ammos

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