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The best Polish website dedicated to the Greek island Crete and to a small extent of continental Greece. You will find useful information related to visiting Crete that goes beyond the offer of optional tours. On the website you will also find descriptions of the most interesting places that we visited by visiting this largest Greek island. The content complements the current news, photographs and recipes of Greek cuisine.

Information useful before the flight to Crete

Heraklion airport
Travel by plane is by far the fastest way to get to Crete. Depending on the city from which the plane takes off, the flight takes about 2.5 to about 3 hours. Usually, arrivals and departures are given according to local time. It is worth taking into account the hourly difference between local time in Greece (UTC + 3 hours) and in Poland (UTC + 2 hours).

Baggage weight limits

In addition to the unquestionable advantages of air transport, this type of locomotion has, unfortunately, limitations that must be taken into account when planning your vacation. One of the most important limitations is the weight limit imposed on the transported luggage. Depending on the airline, its value may vary from 15 to 20 kg for primary luggage and from 3 to 8 kg for hand luggage. These limits can be exceeded to a small extent, but it is better to keep moderation, as the surcharge for exceeded allowable weight is usually very high. The average fee for each kilogram of excess baggage is from 5-6 € to 10 €. So let's think about what we take with us on holiday and how many souvenirs we are going to buy on the spot.

Weight limits for luggage

Most airlines are allowed to combine luggage and / or weight limits. In the case of a pair of people traveling together, this means the possibility of unequal weight distribution and within the limit of 20kg per one person can be checked two pieces of primary luggage weighing 26kg and 14kg, for example. It is important that the total weight of the main luggage does not exceed 40kg. For reasons of safety and work safety (transhipment of baggage), a single item of baggage may not be heavier than 32 kg.

Boarding passes Picking up unusual items

In the case of charter flights, it is a common practice that there is no extra charge for transporting a beach umbrella. The only condition is its appropriate packaging (preferably an elastic foil or other durable elastic material). It is usually sent at check-in with the main luggage. Folding prams are most often given away when boarding, however, detailed regulations related to their transport depend on the airline and the place from which the plane flies (for detailed information it is best to reach the regulations of the flight). Transportation of other unusual items such as bicycles or diving equipment is usually associated with additional fees. In the case of some carriers, prior contact is indicated in order to agree on the method of transporting this type of luggage.

What is not allowed and should not be carried on the plane

In checked (main) baggage, it is not recommended to carry cash, ID cards, computers, keys to the apartment and car, cameras and other valuable electronic equipment. These recommendations result from the fact that, although rarely, there are occasional situations in which luggage is lost or is loaded into an unsuitable aircraft. In such cases, you must reckon with permanent or temporary loss of items in checked-in luggage.

From November 6, 2006, only small amounts of liquids (up to 100ml) can be carried in all European Union airports in cabin luggage or in a personal purse. Hand luggage can not also contain firearms, or imitations, tools with sharp ends or edges (including cosmetic items such as files, scissors). It is allowed to transport drugs and cosmetics, however, in packaging of not more than 100ml. In order to shorten the check-in process, they must be packed in a transparent closed bag with dimensions of 22 by 15cm and a capacity of 1l.


It is best to arrive at the airport well in advance. Usually check-in starts at 2 hours and ends about 35 minutes before departure. Earlier, however (in the case of the majority of tour operators) you have to pick up tickets and luggage tags that are issued at the positions of travel agencies. At check-in, each passenger is required to present a valid ID card or passport. The lack of a document or an outdated document results in denied boarding, so it is better to check the validity of your passport or ID card in advance.

ng.png "alt =" Landing plane - Kerkyra airport "width =" 620 "height =" 222 "/>

After arrival

The most important thing is to secure the return tickets and identity documents necessary for travel. Where possible, they should be hidden or deposited in a safe place. Under no circumstances should tickets be handed over to hotel employees who do not have the right to request them. Identity documents that stay on the first day at reception (for hotel guests) are best picked up the next day. In the event of loss, destruction or loss of a ticket for other reasons, it is necessary to issue a copy or a completely new ticket. The costs and procedures for exchanging paper tickets vary depending on the airline.

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gość magdalena
2019-07-01 21:49:45

maska i fajka

Witam :) czy zwykłą maskę i fajkę do nurkowania (nie jakiś specjalistyczny osprzęt) mogę upchnąć w bezpłatnym bagażu rejestrowanym, czy raczej trzeba za taki bagaż dopłacić? Może ktoś ma jakieś doświadczenie w tej kwestii w liniach Enter Air? :) 

Pozdrawiam :)

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A bit about us

When in 2008 we went to Crete for the first time, we did not think that this island would enter our life so much, changing it even from the kitchen. Since then, along its roads, we have driven a total of over 6.5 thousand kilometers, we went several dozen kilometers on footpaths and visited several places using local public transport. Over the two months that we spent together in this cradle of civilization, we traveled this island along the length and breadth of sightseeing not only the most famous and described places in guidebooks, but also those mentioned by only a few sources.


Oliwa i kosmetyki organiczne Olivaloe

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Ciekawe miejsca na Krecie

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